User praise for DeNoise

• Wow!  That's all I can say about DeNoise and DeNoiseLF.  After reading the user guide and practicing on a few clips, it was exceptionally easy and effective on removing the low level noise on these old tapes.
•A de-hiss that does more good than harm, by all the gods!
• I have just tried your new DeNoise software – another terrific program. Thanks so much for your work on this program and on ClickRepair, which is by far the best piece of audio software I have ever encountered.
• Just downloaded the trial. Impressive first test on a cassette of Sibelius violin concerto, revealing the very quiet opening on strings from the murk ...
• Well, you did it again. After having created the first de-click/pop/scratch tool for audio files that did what is was supposed to do you have now also provided the first noise removal that actually removes the noise and not the sound.
• Purchased DeNoise and ClickRepair. Thanks for sharing your skills with the rest of us. These programs are by far the best tools I have used, and they actually do exactly what they are intended to do without damaging the music. Hat's off to you.
• Believe me I have used virtually every make of software including very expensive ones and yours without doubt gives the best and quickest results. The batch feature is especially useful.
• I wanted to thank you again for writing this amazing piece of software. I am able to completely lower the signal-to-noise ratio to original vinyl specs –to aprox 60 db of headroom. Once the clicking and noise is gone, the recordings clearly “open up” to reveal the amazingly detailed recordings they hold.