Kagi Purchase

To purchase using the kagi on-line store, use the purchase button in the software itself, or this link. You will be taken to a page which permits license codes to be purchased for ClickRepair and/or DeNoise. Each license costs $US40. 

Important: ClickRepair and DeNoise have separate licenses that are not interchangeable; be sure to purchase the appropriate license if you are ordering only one.

Once kagi have processed your information and your payment, they will generate a licence code and email it directly to you. There could be a short delay if their servers are heavily loaded. Do not supply kagi with an email address which is blocked, otherwise you will not receive their email containing the licence code - their servers will not attempt to respond to anti-spam verification procedures.

Important: it is mandatory to supply a user name of at least SIX characters during the kagi purchase procedure, the license code is tied to this name. Failure to supply a name of at least six characters (for example, if you enter "Jim") will result in kagi accepting you payment but NOT sending you a license code. Instead you will be asked to email me for a code, which can be unfortunate if I am away from home, and which will still require you to provide a user name.

• No discount is available on the kagi site for purchase of the two licenses. However, I do have some discounts available via PayPal.