Kagi Purchase

To purchase using the kagi on-line store, use the purchase button in the software itself, or this link. You will be taken to a page which permits license codes to be purchased for ClickRepair and/or DeNoise. Each license costs $US40. 

Important: I do not have a license retrieval system. The first couple of uses after you enter the license code, the About Box will appear and prompt you for 10 seconds to print (and keep safe) the information. The About Box may be used in this way at any time, except after your computer has crashed, or been disposed of!

Important: ClickRepair and DeNoise have separate licenses that are not interchangeable; be sure to purchase the appropriate license if you are ordering only one.

Once kagi have processed your information and your payment, they will generate a licence code and email it directly to you. There could be a short delay if their servers are heavily loaded. Do not supply kagi with an email address which is blocked, otherwise you will not receive their email containing the licence code - their servers will not attempt to respond to anti-spam verification procedures.

Important: it is mandatory to supply a user name of at least SIX characters during the kagi purchase procedure, the license code is tied to this name. Failure to supply a name of at least six characters (for example, if you enter "Jim") will result in kagi accepting you payment but NOT sending you a license code. Instead you will be asked to email me for a code, which can be unfortunate if I am away from home, and which will still require you to provide a user name.