PayPal Purchase

To purchase by PayPal email the following information:

• Your PayPal email address.

• Your name (for the license) – eg. John Smith (important - see note below).

• The license(s) required – eg. ClickRepair and/or DeNoise.

I will send a PayPal request for the correct amount and, once payment is received, I will issue license code(s) by email. Do not supply an email address which is blocked, otherwise the license code will not arrive.

• Cost:  For a single license, the cost if $A40.  ClickRepair and DeNoise may be purchased together for $A70. If you already have a license for one, I will issue a license for the other for $A30. To take advantage of this, please email me the user name and license code you already have - these can be obtained from the "Info>Registration" menu item.

Important: it is mandatory to have a user name of at least six characters - the license code is tied to this name. Preferred user name is your own name, eg. John Smith.

• Taxes: kagi will collect applicable taxes for users in many countries. PalPay transactions are for the net amount, converted from Australian currency to your currency by PayPal.