Software – information before download

Available Applications

There are four applications currently available from this site. They are ClickRepair 3, DeNoise 2 and DeNoiseLF 2, and Equalizer 2. To download them, the manuals, and associated files, go to the Download pages, but first read the information on these pages, which is important.

New users (2017 versions)

You should download, install, and test the applications of interest to you before purchasing license code(s) directly from me via PayPal.


A license for ClickRepair vertion 3 costs $AUS40 (around $US30 depending on exchange). You will be billed from PayPal for $A40 but PayPal will automatically convert to your local currency.

A license for the pair of Applications DeNoise & DeNoiseLF (both version 2) simllarly costs $AUS40.

There is no discount for purchasing both, and they are independent of each other. 

The license is for personal use, but not tied to any particular computer or dependent on the computer OS (macOS, Windows, Linux).

Trial period

ClickRepair and DeNoise/DeNoiseLF have a 21 day trial period, after which license codes are required. They have separate licenses that are not interchangeable; be sure to purchase the appropriate license. DeNoiseLF is tied to DeNoise and shares its trial period and license. Equalizer is a free application and has no trial period.


To upgrade from an earlier version to the latest versions released in 2017 --- that is, to upgrade to the latest vesion 3 of ClickRepair, and versions 2 of DeNoise and DeNoiseLF, simply download and install. The original license code will continue to work. For a history of updates, visit the pages for the individual applications and download the pdf documents which are linked there.

License Retrieval System

I do not have a license retrieval system, and since the license codes have no expiry date and are not tied to any particular computer, it is important for the user to keep a printed record.

Upgrades - existing versions

I have had a policy of not charging for upgrades since the original release of ClickRepair and DeNoise/DeNoise LF versions 1. Current versions are 3 for ClickRepair and 2 for DeNoise/DeNoiself. Any necessary upgrades for these applications will continue to be free.

Upgrades - future versions (from 2018)

There will be major changes and improvements to ClickRepair and DeNoise in 2018. I have not yet finalised the details of how they will be released, if they will be released by myself, or whether they will be licensed via another vendor. Either way, the upgrades to the (2018+) versions will be with additional cost even to existing license holders, although I plan to have two-tier pricing for new versus existing users. 

Java run-time is required

All my applications are written in a cross-platform language called "Java", and require a Java run-time environment for their use. This run-time is not provided by myself. Windows and Linux users obtain these run-times, free of cost, from third party suppliers. Mac OS X users should read the information specific to them.

Security issues

All users should read the important page about security issues.

Issues for Apple Users

Apple users should read this important notice, since Apple ceased supporting Java some years ago, and the legacy Java 1.6 supplied by Apple is increasingly problematic, particularly since the release of macOS 10.13 (High Sierra). Oracle provide an up-to-date Java run time and that will become the only way to run my applications on macOS post 10.12 (Sierra), and also with the 2018+ upgrades.

Trouble shooting

A very small number of users experience problems when trying to launch (run) my applications. Some helpful information is given in the Launch Problems page.

Specific information for the Applications (ie, those current in 2017)

For specific information, follow the links below, after reading the general information above.

• ClickRepair

• DeNoise & DeNoiseLF

• Equalizer