Equalizer – an alternative to electronics


Equalizer is an application to assist when capturing and restoring audio from gramophone records whose equalization and/or speed does not match your equipment. It has been developed over a period of many years. There is a user manual that is part of the download package, as well as another page on this website. Equalizer will not operate on compressed audio files, such as mp3, and there are no plans to incorporate such a feature. Equalizer is freeware.

Latest features (Equalizer)

Latest version is 1.9.5 (build 15f). Download/View full version history (pdf) here.

Main new features of versions 1.9 are:

• Lo-cut filter is 18dB/Octave Butterworth, in place of previous 12dB/Octave.
• Improved Audio Monitoring above 48kHz.

Main new features of versions 1.8 are:

• Can select sound-buffer length.

Main new features of versions 1.7 are:

• Improved custom equalizers
• Multiple file drag and drop.
• Drag and drop integrated into Mac OS X.

Main new features of versions 1.6 are:

• Can set breakpoints.
• Drag and Drop interface for single file processing.
• More robust handling of unacceptable files.