Java Applications

All my applications are written in a computer language called "Java".

• Unfortunately there is a lot of confusion about the use of the word Java.

--- Many web-browsers run a scripting language, properly called "Java Script". This is quite different from the regular Java language. It can also be used for malicious invasion of your computer.

--- Many web-browers are also able to run regular Java code within web pages, provided it is presented as an "Applet". Increasingly, this use of Java is being discouraged, even discontinued, for security reasons.

--- My applications are written as "stand-alone" Java applications, and are cross-platform. They require the installation of a "Java Run-tIme Environment" (JRE) in order to function.

--- My applications do not interact with web pages, or websites, except for the sole purpose of checking whether or not an updated version is available. Even then, the update can only be obtained by the user going directly to this website.

• For a number of practical reasons, I do not provide a JRE with my applications, or download links, from this site.

• For Mac OS Systems up to OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard), Apple included a JRE (version 1.6), sufficient for my applications. Up to and including OS X 10.12 (Sierra), Apple continue to make this (outdated) JRE available. Apple will discontinue all Java support after Sierra, and the legacy Java 1.6 run-time has serious inconsistencies with my software post macOS 10.12.

ª Microsoft ceased providing a JRE many years ago, so the situation is clearer. A third-party JRE is required, and the installer will automatically find it if necessary.

• Oracle computer provide Java support for many platforms, including Mac OS X, Windows, Linux. I test my applications with their version of Java 1.8, on Mac OS X and Windows 10. Like all computer sub-systems, there is a constant war against malicious software, and Oracle's Java is regularly updated as part of that arms race.

--- On Apple Mac post "Sierra", my applications can only be run by using the jar files in conjunction with a JRE downloaded from Oracle computer. The normal "Application Bundle" versions depend on features that have been discontinued by Apple.

--- My software is provided as an installer for Windows systems. The installer should automatically check that a suitable JRE is installed.

• The "jar" files are identical for all platforms.

--- I only produce a single version of each jar file, containing all of the Java code required for proper operation, everything else (icons, entry into Programs menu, ...) is extra, non-essential, window-dressing.

--- My Applications may be run, on a variety of platforms, by first installing a JRE from Oracle, then simply "double-clicking" the appropriate jar file (ClickRepair.jar, DeNoise.jar, ...).

--- They may be run in this manner on an Apple Mac that has Apple's JRE installed, although I don't recommend that.

--- They may be run in this manner on a Windows System, although again I don't recommend that.

--- However, this is a recommended method on Linux, and macOS Sierra and later systems.